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BeauBeaus arts chairs
Welcome to BeauBeaus, a cozy and inviting cafe located on Gravel Lane in the heart of London. We aim to offer our customers not just a place to eat and drink, but a space to work, connect, and unwind.

We believe that a beautiful space can inspire creativity and productivity. Our cafe is designed to be the perfect workspace for freelancers, city workers, and anyone looking for a comfortable and inspiring environment. With free Wi-Fi and plenty of seating options, BeauBeaus is the ideal place to get some work done, catch up with friends, or simply relax and enjoy the ambiance.
BeauBeaus arts chairs

Our Space

We also host events and offer in-house catering services. Whether you’re planning a brand activation or a private party, our team can help you create an experience for you and your guests. 

Click here for more information about hiring our space.

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