From skateboarding the streets of Lagos, Nigeria, to designing the BRIT Awards in London, UK, @olaoluslawn stays true to his OG West Coast influences by collaborating with @proclub_eu on a collection of custom spraypainted art pieces featuring his signature caricature style on PROCLUB Heavyweight white tees.

Slawn wore his first PROCLUB tee at the age of 13 and fell in love with West Coast culture, especially skateboarding, streetwear, and Chicano artwork. He moved to London and began painting during the pandemic and quickly rose to become the most sought-after artist in the city, collaborating with renowned UK hip-hop artists such as @centralcee and @skepta. His success continued to designing the BRIT Awards, an esteemed honor previously bestowed upon icons like @damienhirst and @viviennewestwood.

Now coming full circle on his artistic journey, Slawn’s latest project involves creating bespoke spray art on blank PROCLUB Heavyweight white tees, transforming them into captivating canvases. Thank you to everyone who joined us at @beaubeauscafe and acquired an official SLAWN x PROCLUB piece.

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